The Institute of Urban Designers – India

Amidst the present scenario of unprecedented growth and change across all levels of urban settlements, especially in our part of the world, the need for increased networking and dialogue between the participants of such change becomes imperative. The emerging directions of change and developmental choices as witnessed all around us today raises immense challenges and possibilities towards a dynamic and contributory role of the urban design profession within different societal conditions. It is at this significant juncture that the newly constituted Institute of Urban Designers – India (IUDI) as a national level association of urban design professionals, academicians and practitioners has come into being.

The Institute of Urban Designers - India was formally registered on June 1, 2007 with the Registrar of Societies as a national body with its headquarters in New Delhi. Current memberships to the institute span across all corners of the country both amongst practicing architects as well as government departments.

IUDI seeks to offer an inclusive, engaging and pro-active platform to all members of the profession and allied partners for generative discourses and action on the past, present and future of our urban environments. With more than 600 urban design professionals in the country and at least 6 colleges offering post-graduate courses in the field of urban design, IUDI is envisaged to form a significant collective group of expertise in the diverse requirements of the urban arena. Over the next few years, IUDI plans to participate and contribute actively in the urban domain at all levels of the profession, joining hands with practitioners and corporate groups, partnering government initiatives, interfacing academic communities and developing programs for larger public awareness and engagement. Some of the proposed activities of the Institute include:

A named annual lecture series by professionally acclaimed, eminent speakers from across the world; an annual exhibition of contemporary projects in urban design from various parts of the country; international design studios and workshops as well as mid-career short term courses in urban design; assistance to local bodies and municipalities in resolving and addressing urban problems; peer reviews and appraisals of urban design and related projects anywhere in the country.

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