As per the Memorandum of Association, some of the Objectives for which the Institute is established are:

  • To advance the study of Urban Design and kindred subjects and of the arts and sciences as applied to those subjects.
  • To promote planned scientific and artistic development of settlements of all types and scale.
  • To foster the awareness of subjects related to Urban Design in the general public and professionals and to assist in providing such awareness by making grants to technical schools, colleges or institutions or by assisting to pay fees and expenses of students/researchers on any such subject as well as providing and giving scholarship, prizes and awards to such students/researchers.
  •  To consider all questions affecting the practice of Urban Design and to initiate and watch over measures affecting, or likely to affect settlements and to procure changes of, and amendments in, the law/s relating to or affecting the design and planning of settlements.
  • To hold conferences or meetings for the discussion of, and the exchange of views on matters affecting or relating to Urban Design, the reading of papers and he delivery of lectures, and to hold congresses or exhibitions (either on its own or jointly with any other body or institution) for the exposition of any matters affecting or relating to the practice and/or theory of Urban Design or any allied subject: and to award medals, certificates, prizes or diplomas in connection therewith.
  • To form or acquire by purchase, donation, bequest or otherwise a library and collection of maps, drawings, designs, data or other material in all media and to maintain, extend and improve the same.
  • To amalgamate, collaborate, combine or act temporarily or otherwise in conjunction with any other body or bodies, institutions in India and abroad having the like or similar objectives.
  • To ascertain, notify and disseminate the law and practice relating to Urban Design and Planning and compile, collect, collate, revise, print and publish statistics, professional records and periodicals relating to any of the objectives of the Institute.
  •  To promote the general interests of those engaged in the practice of Urban Design.