IUDI was a key partner in International Symposium on Tropical Architecture and Urbanism (ISTAU) held at Trivandrum in September 2015. This symposium was organized by Department of Urban Design, CET Trivandrum and IIA Kerala Chapter also supported the event. The symposium was structured into 3 different sessions: The initial part of the content intended to discuss on the lessons from the past and looked into the strengths and intricacies of the buildings of past - How they have been designed, their conceptual formulation, structural detail, evolution, construction technology and the like. Second session discussed on the settlement structure, urban form, and the lessons from the cities of the past. It was imperative to discuss the curriculum and the academic process and content in this context. The session also discussed on the Urban Design Pedagogy, urbanization, challenges and opportunities faced by, in our country and the opportunity for architects as Urban Designers in this changing context. The third session threw light on the contemporary design practices - How leading architecture/urban design practices have responded to the context and the way the syntax has developed morphological changes in the cities. The speakers included eminent academicians and practitioners from India, Srilanka, Indonesia, Australia, UK and Gulf region. The joint workshop with AA visiting School London tried to reinterpret the traditional tropical vernacular Architecture and its possibilities. It explored the relations between contemporary software technology, design techniques, creative expression and its manifestation with respect to tropical urbanism. Symposium also exhibited the studio works done in the UD department since last two years. The session on City Sketches by Prof. Manu Mahajan from SPA Delhi was a highlight of the exhibition .The works reciprocated an urban Designers point of view on places across India and outside. It included studies on indigenous urbanism contributed by urban designers from different parts of the country and from other tropical nations.