The IUDI Annual Lecture Series 2011 entitles “Urban Futures” was held in Delhi onMay 15. 2011. Seven presentations and talks by a diverse range of speakers enlightenedthe audience on the day-long event. After the introductory theme talk byProf. K.T.Ravindran - President IUDI, Mr.John Phillips of UK in his talk “One PlanetLiving” set the tone for an environmentally sensitive Urban Design approach to future cities. Eminent historian Dr. RomilaThapar highlighted fundamental notionsof civilization and heritage with specifi c reference to the Eastern context. Presentationby Ms.ManishaBhartia along with her team from BDP and Mr. Rajiv Kathpaliafrom VastuShilpa Foundation expressed the inter-relationship between nature, builtform and human activity through a variety of projects. Ms. ShibaniGhosh, a younglawyer explained to the audience the three pillars of environmental governance inIndia and their present status. Prof. A.B. Lall put forward an experiential approachentitled “Delhi (Re)generates”. On the possible re-invigoration of an urban village and its surrounding areas through area-specifi c, environmentally-driven, design intervention.Mr. Sarnath Banerjee, public artist and graphic novelist, enthralled thegathering with his witty, yet deep insights into the everyday life of Kolkata and Delhioffering delightful glimpses of cultural and social networks that characteristize suchplaces.