IUDI Pune Centre was inaugurated on 5th March 2010 at the Moolgaonkar Hall MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture) in presence of Prof. K T Ravindran, Mr. Sanjay Kanvinde, Mr. P K Das and other IUDI Members of the Centre. An exhibition of works by the members was held to inform the 100 odd guests about Urban Designers. Mr. PushkarKanvinde was elected as Chairman and Mr. ShirishKembhavi was elected as Secretary of the Centre. As a prelude to the inauguration a conference was organized with the help of Janwani, a programme of the MCCIA on the proposed Metro Rail for Pune. Several presentations and alternative suggestions were made by members as well as other experts on the Metro. The lead was taken by IUDI member Mr. Prasanna Desai who made presentations and a study model by the students of the PVP College of Architecture was displayed.