The Institute of Urban Designers, India (IUDI), in collaboration with the RVCA, Bangalore held a day long thesis seminar with participants from fi ve institutes offering Urban Design program in India: CEPT, Ahemdabad, SPA – New Delhi, RVCA – Bangalore, KRVIA – Mumbai and USD – Mysore in order to develop an overview of urban design as articulated in new thinking by our students. The objective of this annual seminar is to promote shared learning amongst participating colleges and has no component of competition, comparison or assessment. On the other hand, the idea is to build up a common resource pool in the fi eld of urban design with the hope that there will be larger interactions in the form of juries, joint studios, workshops, etc contributing to the overall development of pedagogy in urban design. This was the first event of an annual seminar program to be rotated as a collaborative venture between the participating institutions and the IUDI. IUDI believes that such an exercise which is fi rst of its kind in any discipline, would go a long way in fostering the mutual development of all involved institutions. The proceedings of this annual event were then compiled in an ‘Anthology of Urban Design Thesis Projects’ as the fi rst publication of IUDI.