1. On the request of Director, TownPlanning Maharashtra, IUDI Pune Centre submitted their suggestions towards the revision of Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966. 2. The Development Plan for Pune City is under way. IUDI Pune Centre is collaborating with "Janwani" an NGO of Maratha Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture in its City Restructuring Initiative.A presentation was made by IUDI members before the City authorities regarding various solutions policies that should be incorporated in the revised Development Plan with "Quality of Life" as a measure. 3. IUDI Pune Centre is also member of "Pune as Heritage Destination" initiative by the City and MCCIA.Our members are actively participating in the group- "Heritage Area Development" and "Museum Development". 4. IUDI Pune Centre is mentoring a "Local Area Planning Project" which has been funded by "Janwani" ofMCCIA. The exercise is aimed at setting up "Livability Indices" and creating Micro Level Plan for three differentareas in the City of Pune. The study includes surveys, analysis and alternative scenario building. Theintention is to culminate it into an exhibition and presentation before the authorities. 5. The Fight against proposed elevated Metro in Pune is still on. We have deliberated with Ar.NitinKillawalawho has successfully fought for the cause in Mumbai about the legal possibilities. We are preparing ourpaperwork in case a legal step needs to be taken. IUDI Pune Centre is part of a larger coalition fighting for this cause. 6. The Special Planning Authority of "Lavasa" had sought suggestions / Objections to their Development planas per the procedure required. Members of IUDI deliberated on the various aspects of the project and presented their say before the Planning Committee instituted by the government.